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What is solar inverter ?

Release:2017/02/09 Company News

Power inverter is very important in grid-connected solar power generation system, now let us talk about solar power inverter.

Power inverter is also said power adjuster, which is essential for solar pv system. The main function of PV solar inverter is to convert direct current that solar panel produce to be alternating current for home appliance. Solar AC power system consists of solar panel, controller, solar inverter and storage battery. Solar DC power system don’t include solar inverter.
The core of inverter is inverter power on/off circuit, said as inverter circuit which realize inverter function by circulation and turnoff of electric switch. The circulation and turnoff of power electrics need some drive pulses which can be adjusted by changing voltage signal. Usually, we said the circuit which can produce and adjust pulse as control circuit. Besides, inverter appliance includes protection circuit, output circuit, input circuit, etc.

1.Solar inverter can be classified by its application.
1)    The ordinary inverter.
Input DC12V/24V, Output AC220V,50Hz, power is from 75W to 5000W, some type inverter have UPS function.
2). Inverter/Charging integration
  In this kind of inverter, users can use various power supply for AC load, it can provide AC for load when having AC by solar inverter, or charge for battery; It can use battery to provide power for load when not having AC. The inverter can integrate to use with many kinds of power supply, such as storage battery, generator, solar panel and wind generator machine,etc.

3). The inverter specially use for post agency and Communication department
Specially to provide 48V inverter for post and communication agency, it is high quality and reliable, and it has N+1 function, could be enlarge its power(2KW ~ 20KW).

4). Specially use for Aviation and Soldier
  This kind of inverter is DC28V input, it can supply AC26V, AC115V, AC230V, its output frequency includes 50Hz, 60Hz, and 400Hz, output power is from 30VA to 3500VA.

2. Classified by wave mode
  1). Square wave inverter
The wave of AC and voltage that square wave inverter output is square shape. Its inverter circuit is not all the same, but their mutual feature is the circuit is very short, don’t need use more power switch. Its power ranging is from hundred watt to thousand watt. The merit of square wave is simple circuit, low cost, easy to maintain; Shortcoming is the square voltage have large of harmonic wave which will have extra consuming in this kind of load appliances which have iron-core inductor. It has interference for radio and some communication appliances. Moreover, its adjusting voltage ranging is narrow, protection function is not mature, it produce many noise.

  2). Step wave inverter
The output AC and voltage of this inverter are step wave, it also have many kinds of circuit, the step number of output wave has a big difference. The merit of the inverter is the output wave shape have more better than square wave, having high harmonic wave less than square wave inverter, the output wave can realize quasi-sine-wave when step wave is above 17pcs. The integrate inverter have high efficiency when to adopt none transformer output. The shortcoming is the overlay circuit of step wave need use more power switch, some of their circuit mode need have more array AC power supply to output, which cause more troublesome for the grouping of solar array and the balance charging of storage battery. Moreover, step wave voltage still have some interference for radio and some communication appliances.

3). Sine Wave Inverter
The AC and voltage output of Sine wave inverter is sine wave shape. The merit of sine wave is the output wave is well, low distortion rate, low interference for radio and communication appliances, low noise and it have perfect protection function. Its shortcoming is the circuit is relative complicated, need high technique request to maintain, high cost materials.

The designer of pv system and wind power system can pick out above inverter according to their request, definitely, even if having the same wave, the circuit , applicable appliances and control mode could be different, therefore, it request the designers to know clearly for their own system.