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The New Start from Taipo in 2017

Release:2016/12/29 Our BBS

It is the third day that I have been in Shenzhen Taipo Enery Technology Co., Ltd and I am happy to be one member of it.Harmonious working environment, lovely and friendly workates and innovative products make me more confidence to believe here is the new start for me in 2017.

For me, the solar is new and familiar. I say it is familiar because we are bathing in the sunlight everyday but it is new because the solar power has been used by human beings in many fields. Taipo contributes to producing solar module, making full use of solar powering and transfering it to grid, which is also a big progress in new energy development, especially in the world with deficient energy, what’s more, the solar light is treature given by the nature with environment friendly and unlimited feature.

In these three days, I knew some basic knowledge of solar cell, solar panel and visited the factory to know more production processing. Solar cell devides into monocrystalline solar cell and polycrystalline solar cell. From shape and color, we can identify what is monocrystalline solar cell and what is polycrystalline: monocrystalline solar cell is black and without four edge while polycrystalline solar cell is blue and square. Recntly,monocrystalline solar cell have higher conversion rate up to 21% while polycrystalline solar cell is with 18.8%. And in the market, the four aluminum bars is more pupular and with much higher conversion rate. 60 pcs/72pcs monocrystalline solar cell or monocrystalline solar cell forms mono solar PV panel or poly solar PV panel.They have 25 year lifespan. In general, mono solar cell has higher low light conversion rate so that mono panel can generate about 6% more electricity than poly during 25 year lifespan, that is why the mono panel is a little expensive than the poly panel and buyers prefer to mono panel. With the technology advanced, the efficience rate is getting higher up to 18%. According to the working enverionment and sunlight duration, we will recommend the buyer suitatble and reasonable panel to keep high efficicency and make more profit.

It is amazing that a small board can absorb the solar light and tranfer it to electricity. I need know more the principle and share more. Follow my updates.