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Talking about the Photovoltaic industry

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  • Photovoltaic industry, also called PV. Compared with hydropower, wind power, nuclear power, solar power has no emissions and noise with safe and mature technology. Besides the  large-scale applications for on-grid and off grid . Solar energy can also be stored through a variety of ways such as pumping water, superconductivity, battery and hydrogen etc.Solar energy is the most clean and reliable energy in the future. The developed countries have taken the development and utilization of solar energy as the main content of the energy revolution and long-term planning, the photovoltaic industry is increasingly becoming an explosive industry .The best way to use solar energy is photovoltaic conversion, that is, to use the photovoltaic effect. In a word, the sun is shining on the silicon material to generate electricity. So the photovoltaic industry is the chain of Photoelectric conversion that is based on the development of silicon material. Including the production of high-purity poly silicon, solar cell module and related equipment, etc.Photovoltaic system is mainly composed of three parts: solar panel, controller and inverter. The most basic component of power generation is the solar cell (The production process of solar cell: silicon inspection, making texture, diffusion, etching, depositing the antireflection coating, screen printing and firing), including the monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, amorphous silicon and thin film battery. At present, the use of monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon is more popular because the amorphous cells are used for small systems and auxiliary power supply of computers. The efficiency of domestic (YINLI, JinKo, Jasolar,Trina, Hanwha, LDK , SUNTECH, CSUN, Canadianslolar) silicon cells is about 17% to 18.4%  and the foreign (Solarworld, SunPower, Kyocera, KPE) is about 18% to 24%.


    A photovoltaic module consists of one or more solar cells. Currently, photovoltaic products are mainly used in three areas:

    • To provide electric power mainly for the residents who live in the areas with non-electric power.
    • To use the solar energy electronic products, such as various types of solar chargers, solar street lights and solar lawn lights, etc.
    • Grid-connected photovoltaic system. Developed countries have vigorously promoted.


    More and more countries have a demand of the solar modules, especially developing countries. The main markets are the south-eastern Asia, northern Europe, Africa and Latin America. The target clients are the  residential / commercial roofing system installers, the EPC of power plant within 1MW, the wholesaler, electricity-related integrator, power plant developer. So there is a huge potential market that we can develop.