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Why solar panel is so popular in market ?

Release:2017/01/12 Our BBS

With the energy crisis being attentioned, looking for renewable energy to replace the traditional fossile fuel is increasingly importance. The storage of main fossile fuel which being verified is far less below our expectation according to authority’s analysis. The petroleum just remain 41 years to exploit,which occupys 40.5 percent of the total consumption in the world; The natural gass just remain 61.9 years to exploit,which occupys 24.10 percent of the world total consumption; The coal remain 230 years to exploit,which occupys 25.2 percent of world total consumption; The uranium remains 73 years to expolit,which occupys 7.6 percent of the world total consumption;
The waterpower occupys 2.6 percent of the world total consumption. The traditional fuel energy is gradually decreasingly. The energy problem has become world problem.
Nevertheless, solar power is forever exist,it is renewable and cleaning energy. To study this energy technology is human’s commision. With decades of year development, solar energy have got big achievement,its efficiency is being improved. At the same time, the solar power have been used in various fields,such as home electricity, power station,street lighting,etc. My confidence that solar power will replace fossile fuel to become the main power supply in near future.