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It is promising prospect to invest solar pv project in Dubai

Release:2017/02/27 Company News

Solar pv module also said as solar panel, it can convert sunlight radiation to be power electricity, it is renewable and cleaning energy. Invest solar pv project is very promising in Dubai market, it is important to learn some about Dubai before making PV investment.
1.1 Basic introduction for Dubai
Dubai is the biggest emirate among United Arab Emirates, it is the second great emirate following Abu Dhabi (أبو ظبي) from the land area to compare, the difference of Dubai and other emirates is that its oil revenue is just 6% of GDP. Most of income is from Jebel Ali Free Zone, now most of revenue is from Tourism. Dubai city is the biggest city in the United Arab Emirates, it is the center of economy and finance of middle east as well.

1.2 Geographical environment of dubai
1.2.1. Environmental Climate
It is very hot in the Summer of dubai (April ~ October), temperature is above 45℃,it has few sandstorms in part of desert area. It is Winter from November to March of the next year, its temperature is about 7 ℃. Dubai was called as “The Oasis In The Desert”.

1.2.2. Resource Geography
The bay area center locates in the middle of Arabian Peninsula and South of the Arabian Gulf, it is known as “the Pearl of Bay”.
Since the oil was found in this area in 1960, the expect development was anticipated to be promising. With export of the first crude in 1969, the Infrastructure and economy of Dubai was promoted to be rapidly developing.
With the former England evacuated in 1971, the boundary of Dubai was re-division, Dubai allied Abu Dhabi and other 5 Emirates to set up Arabian United Arab Emirate.
Dubai got the rapid development since 1970s. Its National Income is basic from oil trade, which benefits its National Leader, who give the best revenue from oil which is not very abundant in that time to National People and utilize the development that was from oil to develop the city infrastructure, which make the Nation prosper developing. Afterwards, besides the economic development, the Tourism got rapidly developing which benefits from its international trade market, many International Tourists come to Dubai for travel and vacation every year, and the tourists is gradually improving every year.

1.2.3. The economic state and future development of Dubai
It started to produce oil and got rapid developing in 1970s, Dubai utilized “Oil Dollars” to build a series of Modern Supporting Infrastructure. By virture of this infrastructure ,excellent geographical environment and advantages of traditional Entrepot Trade, Dubai greatly develop non-oil industry, economy and social development, now it has been the most important center of trade, transportation, tourism and shopping. Moreover, Dubai don’t have Foreign Exchange Control, it is easy to enter. The import tariff is about 4%, the level of telecommunication is advanced, which serves for the prosperous Finance and Service Industry.

2.1. Sunlight Radiation Resources and its basic weather information.
According to classification of International solar heat utilization, The best sunlight radiation and sunlight time in the world includes North Africa, Middle East, Southwest of America, Mexico, South Europe, Australia, South Africa, the east of South America, West Coast and the South Area of China, etc. State of Qatar locates in Middle East Area which has abundant solar resource.

Dubai Distribution Of Solar Energy Resources

Dubai Sunlight Radiation (Kw.h/m^2/day)
January February March April May June July Auguest September October November December
4.33 4.92 4.82 5.56 7.02 7.80 7.13 6.75 6.31 5.74 4.85 4.20
Average Sunlight Radiation: 5.79 Per Year


Dubai Average Temperature(℃) Per Year
January February March April May June July August September October November December
19.5 20.1 22.5 26.7 31.4 33.7 35.2 35.4 33.4 30.0 25.9 21.9
Average Temperature: 28℃ Per Year

2.2. Electricity Market Situation Of Dubai
If don’t consider solar energy, the 10.8GW of electric request is from to utilize cheap traditional natural gas and costly importing Liquified natural gas to satisfy. Therefore, solar energy can save and replace the costly fuel.
Mils get the definite point: Presently, in the whole of Middle East and North Africa, solar pv energy should be treated as the supplement for all of electricity supply. In some Countries, such as Lebanon, North Emirates, Jordan and Monaco, they have low natural gas production and have large request for oil to generate, it is obvious to save fuel cost to use solar energy, and improve energy safety, which is an extremely attractive choice. In some other Countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Syria, they have abundant natural gas, but it is not enough to meet request, solar pv module generation can save their oil consumption, so that they can export more oil, which is very attractive in economy.

2.3. The power generation capacity and carbon emission of Dubai.
Saeed Taill who is vice chairman working for the highest committee of Dubai said: Dubai government will greatly develop alternative energy in future, to reduce the rely of oil and natural gas. Saeed Taill said: presently the energy production of Dubai is 96% from natural gas, 1% from diesel oil,3% from solar energy. It will be 12% Dubai energy from nuclear energy, 71% from natural gas up to 2030. Dubai don’t have plan to create their own nuclear energy, while they plan to import nuclear energy from other Countries. Saeed Taill said it is best choice for Dubai diversification energy. He also said: a new project of solar power station will start to move, to reduce the rely for natural gas and reduce carbon emission. Presently, Dubai can reduce 1.70 million tons carbon emission a year, Dubai government have plan to reduce 5 million tons carbon emission each year in 2030.

Above all, Dubai have a good investment environment for solar pv module project. The economy of Dubai emirate establish on two type of economic activities, that is non-oil trade and oil production and export. In the pass more than 30 years, as the advantages of geographical environment, a series of infrastructure project have completed and a series of convenient trading measures according to the advanced international standard, the trade and industry of Dubai got rapid increasing. Now, Dubai have been the most center of import, export and carrying trade in this section. Meanwhile, Dubai also dedicate to the establishment of industry basement, to realize its diversification economy. Basing on this purpose, Dubai established some important industry project in Jablari free zone, some active private economy have established small and medium-sized fabrication factories, and can provide all of accessories by themselves, even some products have over local request and export overseas.