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Solar Panel will prop up Silver Demand

Release:2017/01/03 Company News

Taipo Energy News: HSBC reports in Wednesday, one engineering report data shows that the growing of solar panel demands will benefit with silver.

Analyst quoting IEA (International Energy Agency) declare, IEA improve the five years speculation of renewable energy sources since 2015.
In one recent IEA renewable energy market speculation, during 2015 to 2021, renewable energy sources growth rate will be 13%, far more than speculation of last year, in which solar panel play an important role.
Report shows, last year, there were around 500 thousand of solar panels installation. In the solar power generation, solar cell panel need silver paste. IEA emphasizes, the growth demand of wind power and solar power satisfy the goal of limiting global warming of Climate Treaty of Paris.
HSBC said in the report: according to the data from Reuters, in 2011, the demand of silver paste has grown 78 78 million oz; in 2013, demands reduce 62 million oz; in 2014, which stabilize 62 million oz; in 2015, it will grow to 78 million again. We believe silver paste consumption has reached 82 million oz this year; in 2017, the demands will be more 5 million oz, reaching 87 million oz. We predict the demand will grow steadily in the next ten years. Photovoltaic for solar power application will be the new source of silver paste consumption.