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Release:2016/12/27 Advantages and FAQ Of TaiPo



1. How to work with Alibaba Trade Assurance?

This video on You tube will help you understand easier.

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2. What’s the advantages for mono over poly?

-Mono solar cell has stronger mechanical strength than poly type,which can stand larger bending displacement and hence guarantee lower visible or invisible cell crack ratio.

-Much longer minority carrier lifetime for mono makes higher efficiency possible than poly.

-Mono panel has 3% slower power output attenuation.

-With higher module efficiency, mono panel can help save 7.8% installation space compared to poly panel, which is more suitable for distributed power plant on rooftop.

-Mono has better electrical performance during low light

In general,mono panel can generate about 6% more electricity than poly during 25 year lifespan due to aforesaid advantages.



3. Advantages of Dual-Glass?

1. Two layer glass can better protect the solar cell inside,so there will be less invisible crack in solar cell.
2. System Voltage for Trina Dual-Glass is 1500V,so it may help save cable consumption during connection.
3. Fire class for Dual glass compared to normal class C, so there will be slimmer change for fire,especially on rooftop.
4. Dual-Glass panel has 30% lower power reduction rate than traditional one,it enjoys a 30 years warranty,so it can generate more power.
5. Dual-glass panel is frameless and do not need ground connection.



4. How to operate LC?

We have outsorced our L/C operation to OneTouch under Alibaba group, all our L/C payment terms with customer will be executed in the name of  “Shenzhen OneTouch Business Service Ltd. ” , below is their advising bank and company info.

NAME OF BANK: Bank of China, Shenzhen Branch
ADDRESS: International Financial Building 
2022 Jianshe Road, Shenzhen, China

BENEFICIARY’S NAME: Shenzhen OneTouch Business Service Ltd.
ADDRESS: F6, Hongchang Plaza, No.2001, Shennan Road East,
Nanhu Street, Luohu District, Shenzhen china

Process Introduction:
1. Buyer confirm our PI for LC is correct
2. Customer apply for LC from their bank and send draft to us firstly
3. OneTouch under Alibaba help us check the LC draft is ok
4. Buyer’s bank issues the formal LC
5. We deliver the goods and send required documents



5. Are you factory?

Taipo Energy is a distribution brand for solar module and solar cell, By long-term cooperation with tier 1 solar module & solar cell manufacturers in China, we can get their stock at low cost and enjoy exclusive OEM service at competitive price.



6. What brands you can supply?

Solar module: Taipo, Trina, LDK, Yingli, Hanwha, Jinko, Canadian, Jetion, GCL, BYD, JA, Suntech, Renesola, CPI, Lightway etc.
Solar cell: Taipo, NSP, Motech, Gintech, Trina, BYD, JA, Sunpower, Qcell, Topcell, Solarworld etc.



7. What stock do you have?

Usually we update stock list every 2 weeks, please visit our website to check stock list update or contact our sales representatives for details.


8. What is your MOQ?

One 40HQ with 700PCS for solar module; 1 pallet with 28800PCS for solar cell.


9. Packing and cargo capacity?

Solar Module:
1 pallet= 25~30PCS 60-cell module;
20GP can hold 12 pallets for 60-cell module, that is 300~360PCS;
40HQ can hold 28 pallets for 60-cell module, that is 700~840PCS;
Pallet size: 1700*1100*1200mm= 2.244 CBM or so
Pallet weight: 520kg or so

1 pallet= 25~26PCS 72-cell module;
20GP can hold 10 pallets for 72-cell module, that is 250~260PCS;
40HQ can hold 24 pallets for 72-cell module, that is 600~624PCS;
Pallet size: 2000*1100*1200mm= 2.64 CBM
Pallet weight: 620kg or so

Solar Cell:
1 box= 100PCS solar cell; 1 carton= 12 box (1200PCS); 1 pallet=24 carton (28800PCS)
solar cell carton dimension 45*30*30CM
Solar cell pallet dimension: 1*1.2*1.35m


10. What is the delivery time?

We can get cargo ready for delivery within 5 working days for stock and within 7 working days for OEM.


11. What is the payment terms?

– 30% T/T deposit + 70% balance against copy B/L
– O/A under Sinosure
– 100% L/C
– Escrow by Alibaba trade assurance


12. How we claim warranty?

You can send email with details of evidence to your responsible sales representative with copy to, we will reply within 24 hours and present our solution to you within 48 hours according to warranty terms.

13. How you carry out the warranty solution?

After survey and confirmation for the claim, we will carry out solution by 2 optional ways for customer. One is replacing the defective solar module for free in next shipment, another is refunding the related full amount of defective solar module directly to customer’s designated account.


14. What trade terms you can offer?

We can offer EXW, FOB, CIF, CIP and DDP/DDU for limited areas.

15. Can you sign commission contract with me for the introduced deal?

Yes, we will transfer the related commission to pre-agreed account within 2 days after receiving full payment from buyer.

16. Can i become your exclusive distributor?

We welcome worldwide partners to develop business together, pls feel free to contact sales representatives to discuss about cooperation details.


17. Is Sunpower Maxeon panel price really high?

Confidently, i say NO! After checking my reasons, you may say NO too.


a.Land Cost

Normally, we need to use 72-cell panel to achieve 327W, the size will be 1956*992mm=1.94m², while, Sunpower panel size is 1558*1046mm=1.63m², that is 16% or so lower land cost.

Compared to 250w with same size as sunpower, it can generate 31% more power per panel.


b. Power Production during 25 years

High year one performance delivers 7-9% more energy per rated watt. This advantage increases over time, producing 20% more energy over the first 25 years to meet your needs.


c. Cost for transportation,installation and maintenance

These factors are easy to understand. For example, 20ft container can hold 250w*300pcs=75kw or 327W*300pcs=98.1kw, that is 30.8% lower transportation cost. Installation and maintenance cost is surely lower, but different for different project.


In conclusion, these 2 beneficial factors (high efficiency and lower linear degradation) enables Sunpower panel produce 60% more energy per square foot over 25 years.


Other beneficial factors:


a.Useful life Production

Useful life is 99 out of 100 panels operating at more than 70% of rated power.


b.Low cell crack rate

Cell crack is the key reason for substandard power output and short life span. Sunpower managed to avoid this by solid copper backing and unique connector, so the cell can be fundamentally different and immune to normal mechanical force and thermal stress.The beneficial influence for this factor is potential and immeasurable.


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