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Solar Energy became the cheapest energy in almost 60 countries in the world

Release:2016/12/30 Our BBS

Taipo Energy Foreword: In 2016, solar energy became the cheapest energy in many developing countries,. In current, the average price of solar powered electricity down to US $1,650,000/MW in almost 60 emerging countries,and it beats the average price of wind energy at US $1,660,000/MW.
This statistics is the average price from 58 emerging countries,including China,India and Brazil etc.According to the statistical results,the solar powered electricity average price down to US $1,650,000/MW. This also means that investing renewable power station will be more attractive to most enterprises in the near future.
BNEF analysts EthanZindler state:from 5 years ago to nowadays,solar investment already moved from “Zero” to “Many”,and the main reason will be resulted to the large-scale arrangement of solar industry in China market and the assistant to other country’s project finance.In 2015,China invested more than US$103 billion on solar project.It’s much more than US$44.1 billion of United State,US$36.2 million of Japan,US$22.2 billion of UK.
The spring up of solar energy has many factors,include equipment cost reduce, the rise of Tesla storage battery commercial pattern,the growth of the solar investment and promotion by the government policy.But at present solar energy still at fluctuation status all over the world.And not all place’s solar power station become the cheapest choice for power.But for these development countries,solar energy still be a cheaper solution than other energy,so it definitely will be an important landmark.

In addition,we want to remind customers that there are many cheap price solar products in the market,you need verify it from real and fake products.
The fake solar panels, you can tell it from below 3 points:
a: the solar cells are printed.
b. the cells have no power
c. the cells have power, but it is lower than the power on the label (eg: if you need 300W, maybe it is just have 200W, but it can still work)
Based on competitive price and strictly controlled quality,Taipo Energy has helped many customers increase their competitiveness in the PV market.
Written by Catherine in 2016.12.28