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Quality Control

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Taipo energy control quality seriously, from solar cells to module, every process need be strictly inspected, to keep taipo panel with high quality before delivery.


1. QC Introduction

Solar Cell Sorting

EL Test

Outlook Inspection


2. Solar Cell Production Process

3. Quality control-One Step:
From appearance of solar cells — Solar Cell Sorting Standards

4. Quality Control-Second Step:
By Advanced equipment to inspect—EL Test


5. Outlook Inspection Standards

 All of our solar products would be inspected strictly by our QC team before sending out. In order to provide more guarantee for clients, complete warranty is provided after selling.

Products Warranty


  1. Limited Product Warranty – 10 Year Repair Or Replacement. 
  2. Limited Peak Power Warranty ≥ 90% – 10 years. 
  3. Limited Peak Power Warranty ≥ 80% – 25 years. 


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