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Release:2017/07/28 Company News

Market in China


Solar industry has been experiencing seller’s market during recent months, this phenomenon started from Q2,mainly influenced by “630” grid-tie deadline policy in China. June of 2017 witnessed the serious imbalance between supply and demand. Meanwhile, as China possesses the majority of production capacity for solar, other areas in the world is influenced subsequently.


Although there is slight mitigation for this imbalance after “630”, seller’s market still lasts, as most of factories delayed facility maintenance to July to handle the drastic demand uprise during June, supply side is weakened in the mean time. Furthermore, global demand is offering strong support to seller’s market too.


On the other side, Turkey joined anti dumping group against China, India is planning the same too to protect its domestic market. What is worse, solar industry has expanded too fast in China, China may face the biggest challenge than ever to tackle the weakening domestic demand and the blocked export market in the same time.


Global market


– The biggest solar company in EU SolarWorld declared bankruptcy;


– One of the biggest solar module manufacturers in USA Suniva declared bankruptcy protection;


– Global technology-leading company Sunpower carried out layoff and shut down part of its production lines in Philippines;


– Global technology-leading company Panasonic closed part of its solar cell production lines and reorganized its business;


– It happens to be peak installation season in Europe,weakened domestic production capacity induced by aforesaid reasons can not meet this big demand, and even worse, main supply from China is blocked by anti-dumping policy. EU market rely more on factories from Malaysia,Vietnam,Taiwan and Thailand. But limited production capacity in these areas is far less than the blooming demand, and long delivery time and high price becomes normal consequently.


– USA may pass the “201” section during November to commence the most serious trade protection,whether factories in China or other factories overseas will both face big challenge. Solar companies and power plant investors in USA are operating panic purchase or advance stocking to meet this upcoming unfavorable policy, factories out of China becomes the biggest beneficiary as a matter of course.



Future Market

– Approval of Paris Agreement laid the solid foundation for solar development

– Fast dropping of LCOE makes it possible to generalize use of solar power

– Diversified development of solar will be supported by wider application range


What can Taipo do?


Taipo Energy has been forging its supply chain in the global area, we can supply solar modules and solar cells from China mainland, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vitenam, Thailand etc. By partnering with tier 1 manufacturers in global area, we can help clients enjoy faster delivery, lower price and better service.


Solar module and solar cells made in China Mainland is the best choice for friendly markets (no anti-dumping), clients can get supply easily at low cost, within short delivery time and with good quality.


Clients from other areas,such as EU, USA and Turkey can get supply from Malaysia, Vitenam, Thailand, there will be no anti-dumping duties and can enjoy faster delivery and lower price.


Never hesitate to contact us!