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Nigeria to develop solar power vigorously

Release:2017/02/10 Our BBS

According to the “Daily New” report on February 2, on the launch ceremony of The Niger Delta Power Holdings Corporation(NDPHC) to build community-based solar photovoltaic project, Vice President oshio Baggio said that solar photovoltaic and other renewable energy power generation has a good economy, which will help Nigeria to get rid of over-reliance to national grid in future and slow down the contradiction between supply and demand of electricity. Nepalese regions have good lighting condition where it is a good reason to develop solar photovotaic lighting projects to provide cheap and reliable power supply for the majority of residents, especially those without electricity supply to the rural people. ChieduUgbo, NDPHC CEO, said that at present there are 70 million people in Nigeria no get power supply and they can bring their own lighting tool as they are with heavy economic burden. In the first phrase, the project will install 20 thousand sets of domestic solar phovoltaic equipments for 19 states of the North and will cover more families in future.