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Morocco: By 2020, renewable energy takes up 43%

Release:2017/02/17 Our BBS

In order to deeply implement “ strategic partnership” between China and Morocco and comprehensively expand the capacity cooperation in the field of renewable energy in the two countries, during January 14-21, 2017, the deputy director of National Energy Board, Li Yangzhe, led a delegation to the Unite Arab Emirates, Morocco, participated seminar on Renewable Energy Industry organized by the Renewable Energy Committee of the Circular Economy Association in Casablancaand the activities of the Seventh International Renewable Energy Agency Conference and the 10th Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi. Participants includes delegation of China’s major renewable energy companies and Yi Yuechun, vice president from water conservancy and water conservancy planning and design institute.

Morocco, as a hub linking European, African and the Middle East Market, has its location advantages, higher economic openness and abundant renewable energy resource. In recently year, to solve the problem of high energy import and low supply safety, the Moroccan government made great effort to promote the development of renewable energy and plan a goal that by 2020, the renewable energy takes up to 43% in renewable energy production structure and by 2030, up to 62%. At the same time, The Moroccan government will continuously strengthen the power grid interoperability with Spain, Algeria and other neighboring countries and further extend the connectivity and trade between the Mauritanian power grid.

With the implementation of the “one by one” strategy, China and the Middle East, North African countries will cooperate each other deep;y and pragmatically in the field of energy, especially in the field of renewable energy. Renewable energy cooperation of China and Morocco will make more spark with two countries cooperation to build bridges and improve.

February 17, 2017, Jennie Zhou