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India Total Solar Power Generation to Reach 18GW in 2017

Release:2017/01/13 Our BBS

According to a report by a consultancy firm on clean energy, India’s solar power generation could double to 18 GW this year under Prime Minister Modi’s aggressive push for solar energy.

As India continues to actively develop solar power, solar equipment and components manufacturers around the world, including Taiwan ,have the opportunity to snatch the cake.

According to relative information from India’s government and power generation enterprises, until December 2016, India solar power generation reached 9GW totally. In 2016 this year, India increased solar power generation up to 4GW and it became the fastest growing year by far.

According to an analysis report, published by Mercom Capital Group, a consultancy firm, India’s solar power generation capacity may increase by 9GW and totally reach 18GW in 2017, which will make India will catch up with China mainland, USA and Japan in solar power generation capacity. And the report points out that recently India has 14.2GW solar power under the development and 6.3GW is bidding.

The India newsletter Livemint quotes reports of Bridgeto, a consulting firm with renewable energy as its core business, saying India’s solar power generation is expected to grow 90% in 2017 and generate total 18GW of electricity and increase 8.8GW solar power generation, including the 1.1GW roof solar panel power generation plan.

Modi government states Indian will build 100GW of solar power and 60GW of wind power capacity by 2022. The growing clean energy plan will need about $250bn in investment to achieve this goal.

For this, India loaned 1 billion US dollars from World bank to develop solar energy and at the end of June last year, World Bank has approved the loan of 1 billion US dollars to India to develop solar energy.

Presented by Jennie Zhou 13th January