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India solar installations reached 9GW and the growth will up to 90% in 2017

Release:2017/01/13 Our BBS

Taipo Energy Foreword: According to India New Energy and renewable Energy(NMRE) statistics,india solar installations exceeded 9GW; And they predicted that the solar demand in 2017 will increase 90% than 2016.

NMRE published the statistics of the installed solar capacity before 31 Dec 2016,which shows India domestic solar installations reached 9,012MW. It’s a big breakthrough of 9GW; It was predicted to reach about 12GW by the end of the fiscal year(31th March 2017). However, NMRE also indicated that there were only 2,250MW in the past nine month of 2016 fiscal year; In other words, the whole solar installations will be about 5,250MW in 2016 fiscal year and among them 3GW will complete in the last three months.
In india,solar installations over 500MW areas including: Tamil Nadu (1,59MW), Rajasthan (1,318MW),Gujarat (1,159MW), Andhra Pradesh(980MW), Trengana(973MW), Madhya Pradesh (840MW), Punjab(545MW).

At present there are 14GW big solar power plant recorded. BridgetoIndia Surveys said, among them 7.7GW will be expected to finish and operate in 2017; Total 8.8GW annual demand with the added more 1.1GW roof solar system,which will have more than 90% growth compare with 2016.And the roof system will have 75% growth as well.
In addition,India 8.8GW capacity will also exceed the demand decreased Japan, which will let India become the third biggest demand of solar energy,following behind China and United States.
Indian subsidy will down to less than Rupee 4 per kwh(about $0.06),which let it become the cheapest new energy in India.
According to Energy Trend statistics,India solar capacity will reach 5.2GW in 2016 fiscal year,and the total solar capacity will over 8GW in 2016 fiscal year. In 2017 fiscal year, the demand will exceed 8GW,will also have more than 60% growth.