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East Africa leads clean energy development in Africa

Release:2017/01/09 Our BBS

Taipo Energy Foreword: According to the latest New Energy financial report from PengPai , East African countries will connect the new clean energy on grid, leading the development of clean energy in Africa. The report points out, there are 14 countries in Africa recently to develop a renewable energy development goal to attract at least 5.2 billion investment in 2015.
Among them, Kenya, the world’s leading geothermal power generation capacity, installed capacity up to 740MW in 2015; Kipeto wind power generation financed $316 million,which was a new history breakup after $859 million of Turkana wind power station. Kenya and the World Bank on solar and wind power projects are negotiating a $ 150 million financing plan which will greatly decrease the Kenya electricity price.


Ethiopia installed 150MW wind power generation in 2015,  with wind power generation capacity doubling from 2010, followed by South Africa. And Its upcoming construction of 5200 MW of solar power station will become largest solar energy projects in Africa.

South Africa is the biggest clear energy investment destination after Sahara Africa areas, attracting investment $4.1 billion in 2015. Followed by Kenya and Uganda, they attracted significant investment due to their advanced policies and healthy investment environment  and Kenya, Tanzania and Zimbabwe in the sector attracted a total investment  of  $80 million in 2015. Nigeria also signed a $1.75 billion on -grid contract with 14 solar companies. In addition, Ghana, Senegal, Uganda total financed $160 million, and plan to build 110MW solar project.
Overall, renewable energy development prospects in East Africa is clear.