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East Africa Area Leading Clean Energy Development

Release:2017/01/10 Company News

Taipo Energy News: As the newest energy report declare, East Africa nations connect clean energy to state grid, leading clean energy development. The report indicate that 14 Africa countries formulate clean energy development goal, attracting 5.2 billion USD investment in 2015.

Geothermal power generation in Kenya is world’s leading. The installation reaches 740MW in 2015. Wind power generation Kipeto finance 316 million USD, which is the history of breakthrough since Turkana lake wind power generation investment 859 million USD. Kenya is negotiating with the World Bank on the 150 million USD financing project regarding solar power and wind power, which will dramatically lower the electrovalence in Kenya.

In 2015, Ethiopia installed 150MW wind power station, which is double than wind power generation in 2010, South Africa following. Ongoing 5200MW solar power station will be the largest project in Africa.

Currently, South Africa is the largest areas invested of clean energy, attracting total amount 410 million USD in 2015. The following is Kenya and Uganda with advanced policy and healthy investment condition, attracting many investment. Kenya, Tanzania and Zimbabwe attract 80 million USD of clean energy field in 2015. Nigeria has made contract with 14 solar company, signing a 175 million USD on-grid contract. In addition, Ghana, Senegal and Uganda finance 160 million USD in total, planning constructing 110MW solar power project.

In general, East Africa areas has a bright and booing prospect in clean energy.