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30 year power guarantee dual glass solar module

Release:2017/09/22 Company News

What is dual glass solar panel ?
As the name implies, the dual-glass module is a module design that replaces the traditional aluminum frames and the backsheet substrate with another glass panel. The cells are therefore fully encapsulated in glass.
The mainstream dual-glass modules that were on display at the different industry events held in 2015 used 2.5mm-thick glass panels for the front and back sides. Whereas conventional modules usually have a 25-year warranty, dual-glass modules have a warranty of up to 30 years. Another important benefit that the frameless and backless design offers is enhanced reliability for the module. Also let the module have further chance for cost reductions.

Dual glass solar panels entered into market in 2015, Trina solar is the first manufacturer to publish their dual glass panel, presently, nearly all of tier one manufacturers have published their own dual glass panels.


Dual glass module features:


1. Two layer glass can better protect the solar cell inside,so there will be less invisible crack in solar cell.


2. System Voltage for Dual-Glass is 1500V, it may help reduce BOS cost


3. Fire class for Dual glass compared to normal class C, so there will be slimmer change for fire,especially on rooftop.


4. Dual-Glass panel has 30% or so lower attenuation than traditional one (0.5% against 0.7%),so it can enjoy 30 years warranty and generate 25% or so more power.


5. Dual-glass panel is  aluminum frameless,hence no need for ground connection.


6. Dual glass module without TPT backsheet, good heat dissipation, improving power generation.


7. Zero water permeation rate and without aluminum frame, which can help avoid PID and makes it a better choice for areas with high humidity.


8.  Available with transparent encapsulant to increase value for greenhouse or carport applications


9.  Easy to clean without frame